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    (考試時間:100分鐘  試卷滿分:120分)

    第一節 語法填空(共10小題;每小題1.5分,共15分)
    第一節  語法填空(共10小題:每小題1. 5分,共15分)
    On the first day of my first grade, I stood by the door with butterflies in my stomach. I    1   (voice)my biggest concern to my mother. "How will I make friends?" She handed me advice. "Be yourself." For the past 20 years. I have lived by these words. Soon I will graduate and become part of the real world. Nervously   2   (face) challenges, I know I will whisper to   3  (I) the two simple words "Be yourself".
    Earth Day,   4  (mark)on 22 April, is an annual event aiming to raise public awareness about environmental protection. First celebrated   5   1970, the Day now includes events in more than 190 countries and regions(地區). No matter what you like to do, there is a way to get involved in various   6  (activity) on Earth Day. You can plant a tree, make a meal with locally grown vegetables, or save power — the possibilities are endless.
    Does the name of the college you attend really matter? Research on the question   7  (suggest)that, for most students, it doesn’t. What students do at college seems to matter much more than   8   they go. The students benefitting most from college are those   9   are totally engaged(參與)in academic life, taking full advantage of the college’s chances and resources(資源). Students should have a proper attitude towards college before thinking about which college to attend, and it’s never too early to make necessary preparations for a healthy and   10  (meaning)college experience.

    第二節 完形填空(共20小題;每小題1.5分,共30分)
    Regardless of the weather or the distance, Paul Wilson will make sure low-income students in his neighbourhood arrive at their college classes on time.
    A retired engineer, 76-year-old Wilson has been   11   free rides to college students for the past eight years. Since he first started   12   his car to the young people. Wilson has   13   am astonishing 64, 000 miles, and has had countless pleasant and often humorous   14   with the students he transports to and from school. The students who he’s   15   have gone on to become physicians, teachers and engineers, but what they’ve also got out of their time in school is finding a role model and a friend in Wilson. Some students   16   call him 
    Tina Stern   17   rides from Wilson for all her four years in college, and the trips meant much more to her than just free   18  . "It’s not just a ride;you’re not just sitting there in   19   silence or with your headphones on." Stern said. "He asks you questions and actually   20   the answers, so the next time you ride with him, he’ll   21    those things."
    Wilson first worked as a driver through a student-support programme of the non-profit organization, On Point for College. Although the   22   asks the members only to drive students to and from their classes, Wilson often goes   23   to ensure the welfare and safety of the students. If they have problems with registration.
    Wilson is there to   24   them. If they run out of certain daily necessities. Wilson will drive to the nearest store and purchase what’s needed. If a student gets hungry on the long drives to and from school, Wilson never   25   to buy them a meal.
    For many students, Wilson’s help is not only appreciated, it’s also entirely   26   for them to be able to complete their college education. Some students don’t have a reliable car, while others have to   27   vehicles with parents who work six days a week. For them, riding with Wilson has   28   them to complete their education — but according to Wilson, he benefits just as much from the   29  . "I just love driving and I love these kids, "Wilson said. "It’s such a(n)   30   to be a part of these kids’ lives, even just for a few hours, getting to know them and hearing their stories."


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