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    全國卷I 適用地區:安徽、湖北、福建、湖南、山西、河北、江西、廣東、河南、山東
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    英   語
    第一部分  聽力(共兩節,滿分30分)

    第一節 (共5小題;每小題1.5分,滿分7.5分)
    例:How much is the shirt?
    A. £19.15. B. £9.18. C. £9.15.
    1.Where does this conversation take place?
    A. In a classroom. B. In a hospital. C.In a museum.
    2.What does Jack want to do?
    A. Take fitness classes.
    B. Buy a pair of gym shoes.
    C. Change his work schedule.
    3.What are the speakers talking about?
    A. What to drink. B. Where to meet. C. When to leave.
    4.What is the relationship between the speakers?
    A. Colleges. B. Classmates. C. Strangers.
    5.Why is Emily mentioned in the conversation?
    A. She might want a ticket.
    B. She is looking for the man.
    C. She has an extra ticket.

    6.How long did James run his business?
    A.10 years. B.13years. C.15 years.
    7.How does the woman feel about James' situation?
    A. Embarrassed. B. Concerned. C. Disappointed.
    8.What has Kate's mother decided to do?
    A. Return to school. B. Change her job. C. Retire from work.
    9.What did Kate's mother study at college?
    A. Oil painting. B. Art history. C. Business administration.
    10.What is Kate's attitude toward her mother's decision?
    A. Disapproving. B. Ambiguous.  C. Understanding.
    11.What is the man doing?
    A. Chairing a meeting.
    B. Hosting a radio program.
    C. Conducting a job interview.
    12.What benefits Mary most in her job?
    A. Her wide reading. B. Her leaders' guidance. C. Her friends' help
    13.Who will Mary talk about next?
    A. Her teacher. B. Her father C. Her mother.
    14.Why does the man seldom do exercise?
    A. He lacks motivation.
    B. He has a heart problem.
    C. He works all the time.
    15.What does Jacob Sattelmair probably do?
    A. He's an athlete.    B. He's a researcher.     C. He's a journalist.
    16.Why does the woman speak of a study? 
    A. To encourage the man.
    B. To recommend an exercise.
    C. To support her findings.
    17.How much time will the man probably spend exercising weekly?
    A.300 minutes. B.150 minute. C.75 minutes.
    18.What did the scientists do to the road?
    A. They repaired it.     B. They painted it. C. They blocked it
    19.Why are young birds drawn to the road surface?
    A. It's warm.    B. It's brown.      C. It's smooth. 
    20.What is the purpose of the scientists' experiment? 
    A. To keep the birds there for a whole year.
    B. To help students study the birds well.
    C. To prevent the birds from being killed. 

    第二部分  閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分)
    第一節 (共15小題;每小題2分,滿分30分)
    Need a Job This Summer?
    The provincial government and its partners offer many programs to help students find summer jobs. The deadlines and what you need to apply depend on the program.
    Not a student? Go to the government website to learn about programs and online tools available to help people under 30 build skills, find a job or start businesses all year round.
    Jobs for Youth
    If you are a teenager living in certain parts of the province, you could be eligible(符合條件)for this program. Which provides eight weeks of paid employment along with training.
    Who is eligible: Youth 15-18 years old in select communities(社區).
    Summer Company
    Summer Company provides students with hands-on business training and awards of up to $3,000 to start and run their own summer businesses.
    Who is eligible: Students aged 15-29, returning to school in the fall.
    Stewardship Youth Ranger Program
    You could apply to be a Stewardship Youth Ranger and work on local natural resource management projects for eight weeks this summer.
    Who is eligible: Students aged 16 or 17 at time of hire, but not turning 18 before December 31 this year.

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