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    英語  筆試

    1. 每小題選出答案后,用鉛筆將答題卡上對應題目的答案標號涂黑。如需改動,用橡皮擦干凈后,再選涂其他答案標號
    2. 本卷共55小題,共95分。

    例:Stand over there _____________ you'll be able to see it better.
    A. or         B. and         C. but          D. while
    1.---I guess you want to go play tennis.
    ---__________. That's exactly what I was thinking too.
    A. I didn't get it              B. It's up to you
    C. You never know           D. You read my mind
    2. I __________ to send Peter a gift to congratulate him on his marriage,but I couldn't manage it.
    A. had hoped           B. am hoping     C. have hoped     D. would hope
    3. A study shows the students who are engaged in after-school activities are happier than _________who are not.
    A. ones     B. those      C. these        D. them
    4.____________ to think critically is an important skill today's children will need for the future.
    A. Learn    B. Learned      C. Learning      D. Having learned
    5.___________ all the problems, several of the players produced excellent performances.
    A. According to      B. Instead of       C. In addition to     D. In spite of
    6.---My son got a full scholarship to his dream university!
    ----Wow, ___________! What's he going to study?
    A. good for him           B. go for it
    C. what a coincidence        D. all the best
    7. We can observe that artificial intelligence has already made a(n) ___________on our lives in many ways.
    A. statement       B. impact          C. impression            D. judgment
    8. Amy, as well as her brothers, ____________ a warm welcome when returning to the village last week.
    A. is given        B. are given      C. was given        D. were given
    9. Kate heard a man's voice in the background, but she couldn't ___________ what he was saying.
    A. set aside         B. take back        C. make out        D. keep off
    10. Most colleges now offer first-year students a course specially ___________ to help them succeed academically and personally.
    A. designed       B. designing        C. to design       D. being designed
    11. Their child is at the stage__________ she can say individual words but not full sentences.
    A. why      B. where        C. which    D. what
    12. The professor warned tie students that on no account _____________ use mobile phones in his class.
    A. should they         B. they should        C. dare they         D. they dare
    13. Tom is so independent that he never asks his parents' opinion _________ he wants their support.
    A. since             B. once             C. unless           D. after
    14. The workers were not better organized, otherwise they ____________ the task in half the time.
    A. accomplished                    B. had accomplished
     C. would accomplish          D. would have accomplished
    15. A dog's eating habit requires regular training before it is ___________ established.
    A. properly       B. widely            C. originally          D. temporarily
    第二節:完形填空(共20小題;每小題1. 5分,滿分30分)
    I was ready to pay for my bananas at the grocery one night,when fear seized me. My wallet was gone. I could only have left it on the G9 bus,which was now speeding in the dark to some      16    station.
    The    17   

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